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In mid-February our (15-year-old) water heater started to fail. I called Dan, and he came to our home the following morning to inspect the system and give a quote. He and his team came back the NEXT DAY to install the new heater, thermal expansion tank, gas and water supply cut-off valves, and spill pan. They were well-organized, professional (Dan has been in the residential plumbing field for about 2 decades!), and performed all the work in about 3 hours. Afterward Dan showed my fiancee and I the unit's controls, and walked us through the paperwork to satisfy our township's residential plumbing/etc. ordinances.
We were very happy we hired Dan and his company, and recommended them highly.
Doug & Kim

Dan is great. My water heater failed and within less than 24 hours from my call, I ave the exact unit I had perfectly installed and hot water again. They beat out every other guy I called and were fair on price. A+
Joseph M.

Courtesy, Quality, Integrity
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Dedicated to long term client relationships!